Practice Reopening Monday 15th June

To all of our patients!

Thank you for your patience during the lockdown period. It has been a difficult time for everyone, and especially difficult if a dental problem has arisen.

Following the recent Government announcement, we are pleased to inform you we are able to reopen the Dental Practice on Monday 15th June.

Our priority at first will be to deal with those who have had problems during the lockdown, and those in the middle of a course of treatment.

We will be using our best endeavours to ensure that everyone who needs to see a dentist is able to see a dentist.


Please be aware that reopening does not mean business as usual.

We are obliged to reduce the numbers of patients we see at first, to assist with social distancing.

We will be wearing enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE), and receptionists will be behind screens.


We ask you to be aware of the following changes:

(Some of these will be short term, others may eventually become permanent)

1. You will receive a message before your visit, checking your health status, and any problems you may have. If you have had any symptoms such as high temperature, dry cough, or loss of taste or smell, you will be asked to reschedule.

2. You will be asked to attend alone. For a child, or when a carer is required, one person only can attend with the patient. Please bring minimal bags etc.

3. We will ask you to remain outside on arrival, in your car if you wish, until we contact you to enter the building. This is to minimise your contact with any other patients.

4. On entry to the building, we will take your temperature with a digital thermometer. You will be refused treatment if your temperature is raised. We will recheck your medical history.

5. We will ask you to don gloves which we provide, and use hand sanitiser as you proceed through the practice.

6. At reception, paperwork will be reduced to a minimum

7. you will be taken to the treatment room with minimal waiting

8. There may be restrictions on the types of treatment available, at least initially. We need to distinguish between treatments that do not generate aerosols, and those that do.

Each will require a different form of PPE. Some of this PPE is in short supply.

9. On leaving the treatment room, you will be asked to return to reception. At reception, there may be further appointments to make, and payments to be made. The gloves you are wearing will prevent cross infection during this.

10. As you leave, we will ask you to remove your gloves for safe disposal, and use the hand gel provided again.

These changes are vital, they are all done to ensure your safety, and the safety for staff.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.


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Kings Lynn, PE30 4PR

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