Private Patient Options

We offer an exceptional service for all our private patients. Some of the benefits of having private treatment independent of the NHS include:

  • Convenient appointment times. Early morning and late evening appointments are available for our private patients
  • Continuous treatment is available without having to wait for NHS funding
  • Continuity of care with a highly experienced dentist
  • A wider range of treatment choices and advanced quality materials used i.e white fillings and porcelain crowns
  • Emergency appointments are freely available to all our private patients

If you are thinking about becoming a private patient with Lynn Road Dental Practice, there are two payment options available to you;

  • Pay as you go: This means you pay for your treatment as you receive it at the end of each appointment
  • Dental payment plan: Here, you pay into a monthly payment plan to cover your dental requirements as and when they arise


We offer 3 levels of Dental Plan, plus a Children’s Dental Plan.

The plans are designed to help budget for dental fees, whilst at the same time encouraging regular dental attendance and good oral health. 

Plan 1

As a new patient you can join plan 1 straight away. The plan covers 2 dental examinations per year, 2 routine hygienist visits per year, and all the radiographs you may need.

It also allows you a 10% discount on any treatment you may require ( excluding implants).

This plan is most appropriate for people who rarely require much treatment.

The cost is £29.50 per month.


Plan 2 

Plan 2 covers all the above, plus simple extractions, fillings and restorative treatment.

The cost is £39.50 per month.


Plan 3

Plan 3 covers everything above, with 4 hygienist visits per year, plus root canal treatment, and clinically required crowns, bridges, and dentures*.

This plan is aimed at those with higher clinical needs.

*The lab fee for these items is payable by the patient

The cost of plan 3 is £51.00  per month

Entry into plan 2 or 3 is at the discretion of the dentist treating you, after discussion with you.


Children’s plan

With a combination of regular dental visits, and good home care, children should have near to zero caries experience. We aim to encourage sensible dietary choices, and good home care.

Our children’s plan places an emphasis on prevention care, and advice.

It covers 2 check up visits per year, with prevention advice and topical fluoride application. It covers all necessary radiographs, and restoration and extraction of deciduous (1st) teeth.

If further treatment is required beyond this, it allows a 10% discount on this.

Specifically excluded are orthodontic treatment and hygienist visits.

The cost is £20 per month.

We expect our plan patients to attend for their appointments, or give notice if unable to attend, in the same way as other patients. Appointments that you fail to attend may be charged for. 

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