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Jessica's Invisalign journey

Whilst searching for a trusted Invisalign provider online, Jessica came across the Lynn Road Dental Practice website. Reputation was important to her in selecting a good dental provider who could successfully deliver her Invisalign treatment around her busy schedule. Once she read our Google reviews, Jessica gave us a call right away to book her initial Invisalign consultation.

Jessica was conscious of her front teeth and would often shy away from the camera to hide her smile. She was getting married the following July and wanted to work on her smile ahead of her big day, so she could be camera ready and confident on the day.

What we did

During an initial consultation we discussed the options and Invisalign treatment process with Jessica. Our Invisalign Dentist reviewed her oral health, current teeth alignment and desired results, before confirming that Invisalign was a suitable solution to deliver the straighter smile she desired.

The next stage was to take impression of the teeth to send off for an Invisalign ClinCheck. The ClinCheck was emailed to Jessica, which included a state of the art 3D model of her treatment plan, so she could see for herself how the treatment would progress and the result this would have on her teeth alignment at each stage. This modelling also told us how many sets of clear aligners Jessica would likely need in order to reach her desired result.

At her next appointment, we fitted Jessica’s first set of aligners and checked she was comfortable. Our Invisalign Dentist explained that she would need to wear each set of aligners for 14 days, before switching to the next set, to slowly move the teeth into their new position. He gave her the first 4 sets of aligners to change over at home but explained that she would need to return in 6 weeks to pick up her next sets and allow him to check on progress, where he would make any necessary tweaks to the treatment plan that may become apparent as the teeth start to move.


Jessica’s treatment took a total of 12 sets of clear aligners to reach her desired results. Changing the aligners every 2 weeks, this meant that she had a complete straighter smile in just under 6 months.

The treatment was finished with a course of whitening, which gave Jessica the result she had dreamed of – a perfect smile just in time for her big day!

Jessica's story

"I had been considering Invisalign treatment for a few years, after seeing my best friend go through Invisalign and her astonishing results. With my wedding just 9 months away, I felt I had to address my self conscious smile, so I could relax for the camera on the day.

On contacting Lynn Road Dental Practice they were extremely helpful right from the start, explaining everything in detail. The ClinCheck was amazing! It was so exciting to play around with the 3D simulation and see how my teeth were going to look at the end of treatment.

The clear aligners were very comfortable to wear and you could hardly notice them which was the main reason I chose Invisalign as I work in a client facing role. My Invisalign dentist advised that I could remove them to clean my teeth and eat, but I was quick to put them back in afterwards as I wanted to be sure I wore them for the recommended 22 hrs a day to achieve the best results in time for my wedding.

I could not be happier with the results… its better than I ever expected to achieve within 6 months. They didn't just straighten my teeth, they changed the shape of my smile completely and it's made a huge difference to me. I can now smile confidently in my wedding photos with lovely straight white teeth. Awesome work by the team, I would absolutely recommend Lynn Road Dental Practice in Kings Lynn for Invisalign treatment!"

How to get your perfect smile with Invisalign

Lynn Road Dental Practice is a trusted Invisalign provider offering Invisalign to many patients throughout Gaywood, Kings Lynn, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and beyond. To book an initial Invisalign consultation at Lynn Road Dental Practice in Kings Lynn give us a call on 01553 767543.

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The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to Lynn Road Dental Practice. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

Patient reviews

20 Reviews


Colin Taylor

Really good dentist for many years with successful treatments Rate Nadia as the best dentist I have seen and puts you at ease and updates you throughout the procedures Top class dentist


Amy Cullen

I have been going since I was just a baby (I’m 21 now) I’ve seen all the changes happen to this place. I used to see a dentist called mark who I believe retired and I am now with Brias, and when I had to change dentist he made me feel very at ease. He is a great dentist and highly recommend him he is very good at making you feel comfortable. He also always seems to work this the same nurse (Tracy I believe her name is) she is super kind and knows just what to say to keep you calm highly recommend


Julie Carter

Khem at lynn road dentists is the best dentist I’ve had in a very long time. Finding a good dentist is like finding a good dr. Can’t recommend enough


skye margret

I only signed up here on the 13th May, and I’ve already managed to have an examination, 2 fillings done and been booked in with the hygienist. My dentist Jolanta is so so lovely, as somebody that suffers with anxiety I really struggle to maintain calm during appointments, but she always manages to make me feel at ease, she keeps me well informed on the procedure and makes sure I’m comfortable, I can’t thank her enough, she’s amazing! It is a little bit expensive but you can’t put a price on good dental health, it’s so so important.


Amber Richardson

Very friendly and professional staff. Always happy with the service they provide.


Vera Luse

I had to see a dentist as over lockdown some of my teeth fell apart. Dr. Patel is new, but he is just the best. I felt nothing, while had 5 teeth removed. Every appointment was well planned and no time waisted/ 100% satisfied.


Natalie Squibb

Ive just become a new patient for this dentist, so far its been great, the lady on reception is fantastic. I was waiting for my appointment and listening to the conversations she was having with customers and she was brilliant, helpfull and understanding Im having a lot of work at this moment and my dentist mr patel is informative and brilliant. Cant recommend this surgery enough.


Tracey Read

So glad I gave this practice a try. I haven’t seen a dentist for a few years but this was totally different to my last NHS dental practice. They had time to explain what needed doing, without judgement, and it was honestly the best dental experience I’ve ever had.


Joanne Anderson

After losing our dentist in town, and hunting for a new one, I was recommended to phone Lynn Road. I spoke with the reception over the phone and was made to feel very welcome, and my son too. All schemes advised up front. I had a courtesy call a few days before, again informing the procedure for not arriving too early etc. We arrived on time, not early or late. We did have to wait outside, which I understand, but found a little difficult to complete all forms with the wind, but it is what it is in this pandemic. The lady on the door was apologetic about waiting, and very friendly. Once inside the friendly nurse took us through and we met Jay. He was a very friendly, patient, kind man, and took great lengths to make sure my son was ok every step of the way. They listened and chatted and made is both welcome and it was our time. Thank you to all the team we met. I'm very pleased we have joined your practice.


Jim wilding

My children and I are new patients. Excellent first impression of the practice and team. Jay is very professional and put the kids at ease, backed up by friendly, helpful colleagues.


Jason Harris

This dental practice is great. Dentist Khem has got me over my fear of dentists and his assistant are all very nice. The reception ladies are friendly and always helpful. Highly recommended many thanks everyone x The Pulsfordharris-Harris Family



although unable to take on any new nhs patients the private payment plans are very affordable and the reception staff were great at explaining all the details to me ! i haven’t been to the dentist in 5 years and suffer badly from anxiety but the care and treatment i’ve received so far has been without fault. my hygienist was very skilled, supportive and informative - i’m over the moon with the results of my treatment. it’s safe to say i feel a lot less anxious for my further dental treatments ! very quick at arranging appointments without a long wait and you don’t have to wait for long in the waiting room either 10/10 :)


Raquel Domingo Muñoz

Was a great experience, i went to take off a tooth and Nadia the dentist and her helper was amazing and very kindly, in a few minutes she had all done.thank u very much.


Joan Starling

I have just started with Lynn road dental surgery I have never felt so relaxed about having my teeth done the staff make you so welcoming and my dentist and nurse is excellent thank you so much Joan starling xx


Stephen Jackson

Absolutely Fantastic Dentist!! I made a big mistake by not going to the Dentists for over 25 years so after trying 2 other dentists who I didnt rate I came here..They have basically saved my teeth and with a kind and friendly attitude to your needs Lynn Road Dental Practice is highly recommended by myself!! I am Private with them but they have very affordable schemes and finance. I tried to ignore my teeth and just brushed them twice a day but after Time they let you know they need attention and fallout with you..Literally


Wendy Wright

Highly recommend this practice. Super friendly helpful staff and excellent caring dentists. Special thanks to mark for his care over the years and the brilliant chris who saved my front tooth and my smile!!!!


Kirsty Secker

I hadn’t been to a dentist for a long time&came as an emergancy patient. They managed to see me on the same day and were really nice&helpful!! My dentist is great, iv now had the 2 troublesome teeth out&it was painless! As much as im not keen on paying private prices, im glad i got the dentist i did! Thank you!!


Barry Chater

Very good practice


Robert Myhill

Good dental clinic , friendly helpful staff and good dentist.


Ian Pritchard

The best dentist I have ever used!

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